WE MADE IT! Thanks to our wonderful fans, Zoofunkyou will be performing at North Coast Music Festival on September 3rd at 1:30.

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Zoofunkyou is a psychedelic stew featuring a Chicago based bluesy broth, sizzlin' with soul, chunks of funk, and meaningful melodic lyric. Reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead, The Alabama Shakes, and Funkadelic. The electric jams of Zoofü are guaranteed to tickle the soul, melt the face, and shake the booty! 

"Shapes" Official Music Video

ZooFunkyou's NPR Tiny Desk Concert Audition

Enjoy Zoofunkyou's "Jafunkablue" performed and recorded for the NPR & Lagunitas Tiny Desk Concert competition.

zoofunkyou dubbed crowd favorite- Biggest mouth 2016

WARNING: This footage contains extreme funk, loud yelling from the cameraman, and awful video/audio footage due to an inferior cell phone camera. ENJOY! Zoofunkyou performing at Chicago's Metro for the Columbia College event Biggest Mouth on 4/21/16. We were awarded $500 for receiving the Crowd Favorite award!!

Zoofunkyou flashback

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